Vitamin D Lowers Risk of Early Death

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Adequate vitamin D levels shown to lower all-cause mortality by nearly 30 percent.

10 Best Heart Health Supplements

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In addition to diet and exercise, these are a must for anyone over the age of 50.

The Benefits of Unprotected Sun Exposure

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We know the dangers of too much sun, but there are some very real benefits as well.

Sunshine Vitamin Could Brighten Your Mood

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Higher vitamin D intake associated with improved mental health and quality of life.

Diminish Your Cancer Risk With Vitamin D

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This critical nutrient shown to have a protective effect on numerous forms of cancer.

Don’t Fall for the Vitamin D Scam

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Vitamin D deficiency has become a global epidemic for one simple reason.

Getting More Vitamin D Could Increase Your Life Expectancy

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Research shows doubling vitamin D blood levels could add two years to your life.

The Dynamic Weight Loss Duo: Calcium and Vitamin D

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If you’re looking to decrease your waistline, an increase in these nutrients could help.

Fortify Your Aging Eyes With Vitamin D

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Study finds vitamin D supplementation reduces leading risk factors of macular degeneration.

Cheap Supplement to Improve Muscle Strength

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In addition to immune, bone, skin and heart benefits, this nutrient could make you stronger.