3 Surprising Health Perks for Coffee Lovers

The dangers of caffeine have been widely debated, but there are some interesting benefits associated with coffee consumption.

Stroke Types & Warning Signs You Should Know

Heart With Stethoscope

Here’s a quick way to “test” someone you think may be having a stroke.

The Vitamin Deficiency That Boosts Your Stroke Risk

Orange Slices

Vitamin C deficiency may be a risk factor for deadly hemorrhagic stroke.

Compound in Asparagus May Ward Off Blood Clots

Rutin has been shown to reduce clot formation and risk of fatal heart attack and stroke.

Can a Banana a Day Keep Stroke at Bay?

Eating potassium-rich foods may cut stroke risk by as much as 27 percent.

Brisk Walking Helps to Prevent Stroke in Women

Sneakers Walking

A brisk walk improves vascular function in women to help prevent a stroke.

Do B Vitamins Really Help Your Heart?

Hand Holding B Vitamins

Research has produced conflicting results regarding the prevention of heart conditions.

Eat Citrus to Lower Your Stroke Risk


Women who ate the highest amount of citrus fruit lowered risk by almost 20 percent.

Prevent Metabolic Syndrome With Fiber

Fiber Rich Foods

Upping your fiber intake decreases your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Magnesium Reduces Your Risk for Stroke

Patient With IV Drip

New meta-analysis finds consuming magnesium-rich foods could help protect you.