An Exercise Routine That May Keep You Out of the Hospital

Tai chi improves balance and reflexes to decrease your risk of suffering a devastating fall.

The Right Workout Can Stave Off Disability

Senior Workout

Strength training has been shown to reduce physical disability in older adults.

The Simplest Way to Boost Your Brain Power Every Day

Man and Woman Laughing

Study shows seniors who spent time outdoors daily performed better on cognitive tests.

Aerobic Exercise or Strength Training Best for Seniors?

Senior Workout

See the effects of two fitness programs on strength, flexibility, balance and mood.

Middle-Age BMI Predicts Your Chances of This

Bathroom Scale

A BMI of 35 or above significantly increases your likelihood of disability later in life.

A Meaningful Way to Protect Against Alzheimer’s

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Research suggests that having a sense of purpose can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Sunshine Vitamin Could Brighten Your Mood

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Higher vitamin D intake associated with improved mental health and quality of life.

Cheap Supplement to Improve Muscle Strength

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In addition to immune, bone, skin and heart benefits, this nutrient could make you stronger.

2 Steps That Could Keep You Out of the ER


Fall-related injuries are a major cause of hospitalization. Start preventing them now.

Lower Your Risk of Disability as You Age

Elderly Couple Eating

A Mediterranean-style diet may be a key factor in delaying the onset of disability.