The Best Spices to Reduce Inflammation


These natural anti-inflammatories may slow the progression of certain diseases.

What’s the Best Tea for Weight Loss?

Woman Holding Mug

This kind of tea is associated with lower BMI and smaller waist circumference.

Yolk or Egg Whites: What’s Better for Your Cholesterol?


When it comes to improving your cholesterol levels, there is a clear winner.

Is Your Commute Literally Killing You?

Man Driving Car

Study links time spent commuting with weight gain and dangerous health conditions.

Polyphenols Have Powerful Effect on Blood Pressure

Grapes on Vine

Grape antioxidants reduce heart-related risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome.

New Health Risks of Red Meat Discovered?

Raw Steak

Iron and zinc from red meat associated with increased risk of these diseases.

Prevent Metabolic Syndrome With Fiber

Fiber Rich Foods

Upping your fiber intake decreases your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke.