Stroke Types & Warning Signs You Should Know

Heart With Stethoscope

Here’s a quick way to “test” someone you think may be having a stroke.

Snack Your Way to Better Cholesterol

Snack bars high in soy protein can help lower triglycerides and raise good cholesterol.

CoQ10 Found to Curb Hardening of the Arteries

Doctor Holding Heart

It improves blood flow to the heart muscle and enhances vascular elasticity.

This Nutrient Protects the Heart From Sugar


Resveratrol can help prevent arterial damage caused by poor diet and advanced aging.

Salad With the Power to Fight Inflammation, Heart Disease

Salad With Olive Oil

Raw leafy greens and extra virgin olive oil have been shown to combat these conditions.

The Ingredient That’s Causing Millions of Deaths Worldwide

Salt on Cutting Board

Salt is killing millions around the globe.

Are You Sitting Yourself to Death?

Skeleton Sitting on Couch

Time spent sitting is associated with inflammation and decreased metabolic health.

The Shocking Truth About a Recent Red Meat Study

Before you swear off red meat forever, read this.

Top 5 Nutrients for Superior Heart Health

Heart With Stethoscope

In addition to diet and exercise, consider adding these supplements to your daily routine.

New Probiotic Reduces Bad and Total Cholesterol

This friendly bacteria may play a significant role in lowering cholesterol.