2 Ways to Use Honey as Medicine


Honey is revered in the natural health world for its bacteria-fighting and antioxidant properties.

Popcorn: Junk Food Turned Health Food?

Bowl of Popcorn

Research shows popcorn packs more of an antioxidant punch than fruits and vegetables.

Eat Citrus to Help Get Your Diabetes Under Control

Orange Slices

Citrus fruit may hold the answer to diabetes management.

The No. 1 Antioxidant for Reversing the Signs of Aging

Women Looking in Mirror

Astaxanthin shown to help you maintain a youthful appearance and boost energy levels.

Olive Oil: The Latest Brain Food

Vegetables With Olive Oil

Research shows it may have a beneficial effect on learning and memory deficits.

10 Best Nutrients for Skin Health

Women Looking in Mirror

Skip the plastic surgery and add these protective vitamins to your diet and skin regimen.

Is This Popular Antioxidant Just a Fad or a Health Miracle?


The system-wide benefits are too impressive to ignore.

Which Berry is Best for Your Brain?

Mixed Berries

These berries can delay the onset of cognitive decline by more than two years.

A Supplement Everyone Over 30 Should be Taking


As our bodies age, the production of this vital nutrient is significantly reduced.

Superherb That Protects Your Liver and Brain

Milk Thistle

Powerful nutrient found in milk thistle helps maintain optimal organ function.