2 Ways to Use Honey as Medicine

Honey is revered in the natural health world for its bacteria-fighting and antioxidant properties.

Fight Inflammation With This “Forbidden Fruit”

Fight Inflammation with this “Forbidden Fruit”

Diminish Your Cancer Risk With Vitamin D

This critical nutrient is shown to have a protective effect on numerous forms of cancer.

Strengthen Your Body’s Defense Against Lung Cancer

Antioxidants reduce the oxidative stress associated with many deadly and chronic health conditions, including lung cancer.

A Proven Way to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

It’s been shown high fiber intake can help to lower risks of breast cancer.

3 Crazy Things That Cut Cancer Risk

Woman Sipping From Coffee Mug

Research suggests these surprising practices may help you dodge the big C.

Ginger Found to Be 10,000 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy


Study finds ginger compound 6-shogaol far superior at killing breast cancer stem cells.

Spinach May Slash Colon Cancer Risk by Half


Make this leafy green part of your regular diet to help reduce colon cancer risk.

This Supplement May Increase Cancer Risk

New research links increased usage of muscle-building supplements to rising rates of testicular cancer.

Bitter Melon Juice May Ward Off Pancreatic Cancer

exotic bitter melon

Bitter melon juice regulates pancreatic metabolism, inducing death of cancer cells.