2 Surprising Foods to Strengthen Your Bones

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Dairy isn’t the only bone-friendly food on the block. Here are some less obvious choices.

Why You Should Hop for 2 Minutes a Day

Study suggests it can strengthen hip bones, reducing risk of hip fracture.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


Coconut oil has superpower properties that can benefit the body, inside and out.

Turmeric Can Help Increase Bone Density

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Study finds that this spice can help build and repair bone mass in the elderly.

Are Grapes the New Milk for Bone Health?

Grapes on Vine

Research show that consuming grape products may help our bones in a big way.

5 Common Myths About Bone Health

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Plus: the best natural strategies to prevent (and even reverse) osteoporosis.

The Best Veggies for Superior Bone Health

Increasing the dietary intake of vegetables rich in this nutrient could strengthen bones.

4 Scary Side Effects of Heartburn Medications

Before you pop another acid reflux pill, consider these long-term ramifications.

The Diet for Healthy Bones (Milk Not Included)

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This diet, which is actually low in dairy, was associated with higher bone mineral density.

Drink to Your Bones? New Health Benefits Discovered

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Moderate alcohol consumption may reduce bone turnover and help prevent osteoporosis.