How Much Alcohol Will Make You Fat?

Fat Man Measuring Waist

Is drinking putting you at risk for the much-maligned beer gut or not-so-lovely love handles?

Is Red Wine or White Wine Better for Your Cholesterol?

Wine Toast

There’s no settling the debate when it comes to taste, but for your health, the winner is clear.

How Much Alcohol is Good for Your Heart?

Wine Toast

Don’t drink at all and miss out on the benefits; drink too much and you could pay.

The Superior Wine Choice for Heart Health

Red Wine

Research shows non-alcoholic red wine may have superior heart-protective properties.

Is Alcohol the Secret to Healthy Aging?

Woman Drinking Red Wine

Moderate alcohol consumption may lower risk of diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

Drink to Your Bones? New Health Benefits Discovered

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Moderate alcohol consumption may reduce bone turnover and help prevent osteoporosis.

Alcohol May Ward Off This Type of Cancer

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Light-to-moderate alcohol consumption may protect kidneys against cancer.

Red Wine to the Rescue? More Health Benefits Discovered

Red Wine

In addition to warding off cancer, an antioxidant found in red wine is shown to help with two other conditions.

Alternative Food Pyramid Could Reduce Risk of Death

Couple Eating Meal

Traditional food pyramid omits some crucial elements that could decrease your risk of death from cardiovascular disease.