The Core of Our Recommendations

The core of our dietary supplement recommendations are based on the following philosophy:

Before any dietary nutrient can help your body, it must be absorbed.

To us, this means the first way a dietary supplement can lend assistance in your personal health program is to help clear your digestive system of built-up, non-nutritious matter, rebalance the bacterial balance of your gastric tract, and supplement the digestive enzymes that help you break down and absorb nutrients. To accomplish these tasks, we recommend adding greens/fiber and a probiotic supplement to your daily routine.

With improved digestive function, the next step is to address the deficiencies of core vitamins and minerals by adding a multi-nutrient.

We prefer a hi-potency multi-nutrient, i.e., one that goes beyond the minimum recommended dosage as promulgated by the National Academy of Sciences, for most of the ingredients included in the multi-nutrient. Why? Because the vast majority of us are already starting off in a nutrient-deficient position. Taking the bare minimum supplementation is unlikely to do more than narrow the gap. Of particular note, we will discuss vitamin D.

Finally, you can help to relieve stress on your immune system by supplementing your diet with targeted antioxidants that are inexplicably not on the government’s list of minimum nutrition requirements and, therefore, do not appear in most one-a-day type multi-nutrients.

These targeted antioxidants are used widely and effectively in your body to lower oxidative stress and inflammation. They include N-acetylcysteine (NAC), coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), omega-3 fatty acids and resveratrol. NAC, omega-3 fatty acids and CoQ10 have also been shown to boost exercise capacity.

As you consider our recommendations, please keep in mind that it is always a prudent measure to discuss dietary supplements you’d like to try with your physician prior to taking them. Yes, you may find your doctor scoffs at the specific supplements you discuss, but it’s important to make sure there are no counter-indications with other medications you are taking and/or with specific aspects of your particular medical status.

Core Dietary Supplement Recommendations and Goals

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