Losing Weight May Be as Simple as Dimming the Lights

dim reading light

Packing on the pounds and can’t figure out why? Here’s a culprit you may never suspect.

An Effortless Way to Lose More Weight

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Drinking cold water can burn calories even when you’re sitting around doing nothing.

How Much Alcohol is Good for Your Heart?

Wine Toast

Don’t drink at all and miss out on the benefits; drink too much and you could pay.

A Healthier Heart in 10 Minutes a Day

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A simple, short stretching routine could improve your cardiovascular health.

Reduce Fatigue Using 3 Simple Breathing Techniques


If you suffer from COPD or persistent shortness of breath, consider these easy-to-do techniques.

A Natural Way to Spice Up Your Libido

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Can You Really Die of a Broken Heart?

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Heart attack risk increases significantly after the death of a loved one.

Are Sports Drinks Really Superior to Water?

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There’s plenty of hype about sports drinks, but are they actually better at hydrating you?

4 Natural Ways to Raise Your Good Cholesterol

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People tend to focus on ways to lower their bad cholesterol, but that’s only half the battle.