30 Minutes of Exercise as Good as 60 for Weight Loss


You may be able to get the same health benefits in half the time.

How Much Alcohol Will Make You Fat?

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Is drinking putting you at risk for the much-maligned beer gut or not-so-lovely love handles?

The Right Workout Can Stave Off Disability

Senior Workout

Strength training has been shown to reduce physical disability in older adults.

2 Surprising Foods to Strengthen Your Bones

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Dairy isn’t the only bone-friendly food on the block. Here are some less obvious choices.

Walk Away High Blood Pressure in 30 Minutes a Day

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Just 30 minutes of aerobic walking was enough to lower blood pressure in the over-60 crowd.

Does Dieting Make You Fat?

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A study of twins yields some interesting findings about the role of genetics and dieting in weight gain.

How to Beat the Heat While Working Out

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Tips to avoid heat exhaustion, dehydration and cramping when exercising outdoors.

A Better Way to Tell If Your Heart Is At Risk

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C-reactive protein levels are a better predictor of heart attack risk than cholesterol.

The Simplest Way to Boost Your Brain Power Every Day

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Study shows seniors who spent time outdoors daily performed better on cognitive tests.

How to Stop Gaining Weight Back

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Sick of yo-yoing? Find out what helps people keep the weight they’ve lost off for good.