Spinach May Slash Colon Cancer Risk by Half

Make this leafy green part of your regular diet to help reduce colon cancer risk.

This Compound in Asparagus May Ward Off Blood Clots

Rutin has been shown to reduce clot formation and risk of fatal heart attack and stroke.

These Nutrients Can Help Prevent Brain Shrinkage

B vitamins lower homocysteine levels to help prevent brain shrinkage and dementia.

Melatonin May Protect Your Brain from Premature Aging

This hormone is rapidly emerging as a powerful agent in the fight against brain aging.

How to Lower Your Risk of Fatal Heart Attack By 80%

The effect of sufficient sleep on heart-related deaths could be as strong as not smoking.

Magnesium Deficiency Could Predict Heart Disease Risk

Heart With Stethoscope

Low magnesium levels are linked with all known cardiovascular risk factors.

2 More Reasons to Reach for Watermelon


Regular consumption may lower the risk of heart attack, cardiovascular disease.

Easy Way to Lower Heart Disease Risk by 25%

Eating breakfast daily and avoiding late-night snacks are key.

How to Cut Risk of Cognitive Impairment in Half

Optimal vitamin D levels help maintain normal brain signaling to assist with memory.

The Mineral That Could Save You from Infections


Zinc activates the innate immune response to help fight viral and bacterial pathogens.