How to Improve Your Health at Work

Business Team

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to improve your wellbeing and overall satisfaction.

Eat Black Sesame Seeds to Lower Blood Pressure

Black Sesame Seeds

New research shows that regular consumption may help those with prehypertension.

3 Foods That Can Help You Head Off Diabetes

Berries and Bread

Whole grains, fatty fish and bilberries shown to improve glucose metabolism.

How to Decrease Your Chances of Heart Failure

Patient With IV Drip

Certain omega-3 fatty acids may help to cut your risk of congestive heart failure in half.

Lower Your Risk of Disability as You Age

Elderly Couple Eating

A Mediterranean-style diet may be a key factor in delaying the onset of disability.

Is it All Right to be Fat if You’re Fit?

Man Measuring Waist

Why the risk of chronic disease decreases in overweight men who stay in shape.

2 Ways to Strengthen Bones and Fight Osteoporosis

Doctor Showing Patient Xray

Green tea and tai chi shown to have a positive effect on bone health and muscle strength.

Reduce Your Risk of Disease With Vitamin D

Woman Drinking Water Bottle in Sun

A deficiency could put you at risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and more.

A Drug-Free Way to Get More Sleep

Suffer from sleep problems but don’t want to rely on meds? You may want to try this approach.

Break Up Your Workout to Burn More Fat

Sneakers Walking

Hate spending long hours working out at the gym? You may actually lose more weight if you split up your workout.