3 Surprising Health Perks for Coffee Lovers

The dangers of caffeine have been widely debated, but there are some interesting benefits associated with coffee consumption.

Probiotics Do More Than Make Your Stomach Happy

Probiotics may also improve your mood by alleviating stress, anxiety and depression.

Simple Diet Switch Could Protect You From Disease

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole grains lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes by 20-30 percent.

2 Drug-Free Ways to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Man in Bed

Find out how you can boost your drive, virility and recovery time naturally.

Sunshine Vitamin Could Brighten Your Mood

Happy Couple on Beach

Higher vitamin D intake associated with improved mental health and quality of life.

A Sweet Food That May Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Honey Comb

Research finds honey may offset the damages of smoking on male sexual health.

Daily Vitamin Can Help You Remain Active as You Age

Fit Couple Running

Certain ingredients shown to reduce inflammation and improve exercise recovery.

Drug-Free Relief for Arthritis Sufferers

Tai Chi

Tai chi can improve physical and mental well-being among those suffering from rheumatic disorders.

4 Simple Diet Additions to Lower Your Cholesterol

Fruit, Nuts

You probably know the basics of a healthy diet, but they may not be enough.

Can Your Caffeine Fix Help Prevent Cancer?

Man Drinking Tea

Trading in your daily cup of Joe for this hot beverage may reduce your risk of certain cancers.