The Best Kind of Apple for Weight Loss

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apple-tape-measureThis article originally appeared on Live in the Now.

Turns out Granny Smith apples may not only help people to maintain a healthy weight, but they have also been found to help limit the negative disorders associated with obesity, including diabetes. In fact, Granny Smith apples may even help you to eat less and feel more satisfied.

This research was conducted by scientists at Washington State University, who examined the impact of apples on bacteria in the colon and their affect on the body over time. Interestingly, the researchers found that indigestible compounds in apples — including dietary fiber, polyphenols, and low levels of carbohydrates– all help to regulate the balance of bacterial communities in the colon.

The researchers examined other types of apples as well, but found that Grammy Smith apples surpassed Braeburn, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, McIntosh and Red Delicious in regards to the amount of their indigestible compounds.

How Exactly Do Granny Smith Apples Help?

Because Granny Smith apples contain such a large amount of indigestible compounds, they are particularly efficient at restoring or promoting healthy bacteria within the body. Unfortunately, obese people often suffer from inefficient or disturbed bacterial communities in their colons, which may result in inflammation, and affect other metabolic processes linked with obesity.

However, indigestible compounds — such as those in Granny Smith apples — remain intact as they enter the colon, where they are able to help support the development of friendly bacteria. Amazingly, the researchers found that the fecal bacteria of obese mice who had been given Granny Smith apples actually resembled that of lean mice.

What to Remember

For one, this study reveals that Granny Smith apples may be the best choice of apple, especially if you are seeking to control the negative impact of obesity-related symptoms. But even more importantly, remember that the food that we consume determines the bacteria content within our digestive systems.

When we consume healthy, natural foods we will not only benefit from having healthy bacteria in our bodies, but from feeling more full and satisfied after we eat, as a stable metabolic process helps to regulate the sensation of feeling full.  Therefore, eating healthy may not only help to maintain weight and avoid diseases, but may also help you to eat less.

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