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Can You Pass This Alzheimer’s Quiz?

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Can you or a loved one pass this quiz? Pick one answer for each question.

1. Can you get Alzheimer’s if no one in your family has had it?

a) Yes. Anyone can develop the disease.
b) No. Alzheimer’s is purely genetic.
c) No. A family member on your mother’s side must have had Alzheimer’s to put you at risk of developing it.

2. What’s the most common early sign of Alzheimer’s?

a) can’t remember new information
b) can’t remember old information
c) can’t remember any information

3. What is the difference between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia?

a) Alzheimer’s is progressive (gets worse with time) but dementia is not.
b) Dementia is not as serious as Alzheimer’s, it just affects memory.
c) They are actually the same thing, just different names.
d) Dementia is a general category and Alzheimer’s is a specific type of brain failure.
e) Alzheimer’s is treatable, but dementia is not.

4. Can you prevent Alzheimer’s?

a) Yes. You can prevent Alzheimer’s with a healthy diet.
b) Yes. You can prevent Alzheimer’s with brain exercises.
c) No. You cannot prevent Alzheimer’s.

5. Do people die from Alzheimer’s?

a) No. Those with Alzheimer’s usually die from other causes.
b) Yes. Alzheimer’s is ultimately a fatal disease.
c) No. Alzheimer’s is memory-impairment disease, not life-threatening in almost all cases

6. These are all risk factors for Late Onset Alzheimer’s. Which is the greatest known risk?

a) Brain injury
b) Increasing age
c) Genetics
d) Heart attack or stroke
e) Stress
f) Diet
g) Diabetes
h) Obesity

Answer Key: 1. a 2. a 3. d 4. c 5. b 6. b

The quiz was created by Senior Helpers, a private in-home senior care provider. Visit Senior Helpers for the full quiz.

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