A Superfood Supplement You’ve Never Heard About

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Many of us are taught growing up that butter is bad for you, that it will clog your arteries and make you fat. Maybe that’s true if you’re eating the sticks of butter being sold at the grocery stores. But as for raw, high grade butter oil, the opposite is true. High vitamin butter oil, also known as ghee, can provide truly remarkable healing properties, while supplying unsurpassed nutrition. Many people are completely unaware of butter oil as a whole-food nutritional supplement, yet it may be one of the most nutritious supplements you can buy.

High vitamin butter oil is rich in omega-3s, particularly EPA, but more importantly contains a broad range of other important nutrients such as vitamins K, E and A.

The famous Dr. Weston Price, who discovered high-vitamin butter oil to be an extraordinarily rich source of fat soluble vitamins, understood this partnership well. Dr. Price also discovered what is known as Activator X, a potent fat soluble catalyst found only in organic grass fed animal products that exists in high quantities in butter oil. This unique catalyst aids the body in absorbing and utilizing minerals and has an essential function in brain tissue and nervous system development, reconstruction of body tissues, strengthening of bones and teeth and the production of sex hormones.

Then there’s the Wulzen Factor, also known as the “anti-stiffness factor.” The Wulzen Factor refers to stigmasterol, a special group of plant sterol compounds possessed by butter oil. First discovered by Rosalind Wulzen, this compound, only present in raw animal fats, defends against chronic arthritis, hardening of the arteries, cataracts and calcification of the pineal gland. The Wulzen Factor does not exist in store-bought dairy products, as it is eliminated by the pasteurization process. In fact, none of the special nutrients present in grass fed, organic, high vitamin butter oil exist in the processed, pasteurized, grain fed butter that is sold in grocery stores.

Butter oil also makes a perfect companion to fermented cod liver oil. Both supplements can actually increase the effectiveness of the other. Fermented cod liver oil contains high quantities of fat soluble vitamins, enzymes, quinones and fatty acids. Butter oil provides these nutrients as well, but in different forms, doses and complexities, which complement the makeup of cod liver oil.

To get the benefits of cod liver oil and butter oil, they must be purchased from a manufacturer who uses only organic, grass cattle and very minimal processing. Particular manufactures even sell cod liver/butter oil blends, which is a great and simple way to get a full spectrum of vital nutrients in a single supplement.

This article originally appeared on John McKiernan’s site, The Holistic Truth.

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