2 Ways to Use Honey as Medicine

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HoneyThis article originally appeared on Live in the Now.

The verdict is in: Honey a day keeps the doctor away. While this might sound like the old wives’ tale of “an apple a day” (which does help with digestion and elimination), honey acts in numerous ways to support your immune system. In fact, it can be used to fight sickness and disease, and to slow aging.

Using Honey to Fight Bacteria

Honey is unique in the food world. It is the only natural food substance that will never spoil or go bad. Really. Archeologists have discovered honey locked away in pharaohs’ tombs that is still perfectly edible. This realization led to research that revealed the antibiotic properties inherent in honey.

The natural floral substances locked within honey act together to prevent the growth of bacteria. When ingested, honey can work to rid our bodies of bad bacteria.

For instance, an upset stomach can often be soothed by taking a spoon of honey. Not only does the honey help coat the stomach, but it eliminates bacteria that are causing the upset.

Manuka Honey is the Queen of All Honey

In the realm of antibiotic properties, not all honey is equal. The darker the honey is, the higher its antibiotic properties are. Poplar and buckwheat are good choices available locally in the United States.

For even more powerful honey health benefits, look for manuka honey. Typically only available online or through mail order, Manuka honey is the heavyweight champion. Derived from the maunka bush in Australia, the germ-fighting capabilities of this honey are off the chart. Ingesting it will clear up infection both inside and out.

Australian nationals often use manuka honey instead of antibiotics. Here in the States, that is not as common. However, if you are sick, getting sick, or get over being sick, try some manuka honey. A tablespoon twice a day will put you miles toward feeling better.

Honey’s Cancer-Fighting Properties

Over the past few years, the media has focused more and more attention on the scourge of cancer. One of the definitive things scientists have discovered is that the presence of free radicals in the body dramatically increases the risk of cancer. In addition, these free radicals make people age faster.

Honey contains floral flavonoids (bioflavonoids) — more commonly known as antioxidants — that actually counteract free radical activity.

The power of honey in the health world has been lost over the past century or two. Natural health has in many ways has become unnatural health.

Honey is a reversion to using things that your body can naturally absorb and ingest. While honey might not be able to reverse the effects of cancer alone, it can certainly work toward preventing it.

So take your daily dose of honey and your health with thank you for it. Use it to replace your current choice of sweetener whenever possible. Try it on cereal, toast or oatmeal in the morning. For a snack, dip apple slices in raw honey. For the more adventurous, go for the unadulterated spoonful.

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