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4 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercising

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Scale With Measuring TapeThis article originally appeared on Live in the Now.

Let’s be honest: By the time most of us hit middle age, we are carrying around a few unwanted pounds.

And even if you exercise and are careful about what you eat, those extra 5, 10, even 25 pounds can still be literally following you around every step of your day.

You may dream of dropping a dress size or two, or being able to comfortably tighten that belt just one more notch, but it can be difficult as life often seems to get in the way. Try as we might, sometimes we just can’t seem to shed those extra pounds.

Being overweight — even if it’s just by 10 or 20 pounds — is linked to significant health risks, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and arthritis. In fact, recent research shows that being overweight can actually shave up to 10 years off your life!

So trying to lose weight is not just about looking good. The bottom line is that if you’re overweight, you’re unnecessarily jeopardizing the quality and length of your life.

Finding Natural Weight Loss Remedies That Work

My passion for natural health has always driven me to seek the truth and educate people on safe and effective natural solutions.

To me, weight loss is all about good health. We all know that our excess pounds tend to settle right around our midsections, the absolute unhealthiest place to carry extra weight. And crash diets and other temporary solutions are just that — temporary.

Good health is something you want to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Rather than continuing to curse your metabolic fate or feeling guilty that you lack monk-like self-disciple at the dinner table, why not focus on easy, natural ways to get the help you need to shed those pesky extra pounds? And the best part is you can do it without dieting or making any other drastic changes to your daily routine.

I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about some newly discovered, little-known natural weight loss remedies that I believe are the safest and most effective tools out there for achieving lasting weight loss.

Don’t Trust Big Pharma’s ‘Magic Pills’

There are hundreds of different diets out there, and we’ve all seen weight loss gimmicks come and go. But the fact is, the vast majority of fad diets simply don’t work. Studies show that 5 out of 6 people who try to lose weight fail, and nearly all of those who do succeed gain the weight back within two years!

Many people are desperate to find a weight loss solution that works. Knowing this, Big Pharma has tried to make big bucks with a blockbuster weight loss drug, but their efforts have been a disaster. Every “magic pill” they have come up with has been deemed ineffective at best and, at worst, downright dangerous to your health.

Over the last few years, I’ve reviewed practically every research paper written on natural weight loss and have interviewed leading experts in the field including Dr. Harry Preuss, one of my newsletter’s advisory board members. Dr. Preuss, a researcher at Georgetown University and author of The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy, is considered to be one of the world’s foremost experts on natural weight loss solutions.

Based on my findings, there are natural compounds that can help you lose a significant amount of weight. And the natural, healthy solutions I’m about to introduce to you have no annoying side effects — you’ll just look better and feel better at the same time you are improving you chances of a long, healthy life.

4 Keys to Natural Weight Loss Success

No single strategy is enough to help you lose the weight you need to. That’s why my advice to achieve fast, safe and lasting weight loss is to follow this proven four-pronged approach:

1. Block Carbs: The typical American diet is heavy on carbohydrates, which are packed with calories and can easily become extra weight. By naturally blocking your body’s ability to absorb certain carbohydrates, you can reduce your calorie intake without any extra effort on your part.

2. Curb Appetite: When your stomach is growling, it’s hard to make good eating decisions. But what if you could naturally induce the feeling of being full? Certain nutrients can do just this, helping you reduce your total calorie intake with almost no effort.

3. Increase Calorie Burn: Today’s fast-paced lifestyle can make it virtually impossible to exercise enough. But there are natural ways to rev up your metabolism, helping you burn more calories day and night without doing any additional exercise.

4. Reduce Fat: Most of us have more body fat than we’d like, and it seems impossible to make it go away. Turns out there are some impressive nutrients that literally “melt” away fat and help create more lean muscle mass, which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight.

In order to follow this four-pronged approach to losing weight, let’s now examine the most effective nutrient for each category, as indicated by the latest clinical research.

The Best Carb Blocker on the Planet

A natural extract derived from white kidney beans, called phaseolamin, is perhaps the world’s most effective mechanism for neutralizing the starch found in foods like potatoes, bread and pasta. If your love for carbs has been an obstacle to losing weight, this nutrient can help.

A UCLA study showed that those who took phaseolamin lost twice as much weight as those in the group who received a placebo. And 1,500 mg per day is the dosage used in most studies.

How to Easily Curb Your Appetite

Craving foods when you’re not truly hungry is perhaps the single greatest obstacle to maintaining a healthy weight. However, research has proven that a naturally occurring compound extracted from tamarind fruit, called hydroxycitrate or HCA, can actually suppress hunger.

According to an eight-week study conducted at Georgetown University, a group of individuals taking HCA lost an average of 12 pounds each, compared to just three pounds for the placebo group. The optimal dosage to take is 4,500 mg daily.

Burn More Calories Without Lifting a Finger

Despite our best efforts, we usually end up consuming more calories than we need. Exercise is clearly important, but there’s a safe and natural way to “cheat” the system. It turns out that a unique compound in green tea called EGCG can significantly increase calorie burn — enough to essentially wipe out the caloric equivalent of one to two meals per week, according to the latest research.

The best way to achieve meaningful results is with a green tea extract that is standardized to at least 50 percent EGCG, and 300 mg is the minimum daily dose you need to get these results.

Say Goodbye to Excess Fat on Your Body

You’ve probably heard of chromium before, but few people realize that a specific form, known as niacin-bound chromium, can play a critical role in weight loss. In the fight to lose weight, excess body fat is the hardest to get rid of, since your body is designed to hold on to fat to use as an “emergency fuel” in case of famine.

However, research shows that supplementing with niacin-bound chromium can result in a significant loss of stubborn body fat, while at the same time increasing essential lean muscle mass. To get these results, you need to take about 200 mcg per day.

Putting It All Together

I invite you to do your own research, and compare the natural weight loss supplements available at your local pharmacy or health food store to this four-pronged approach.

Here are some key ingredients and dosages to look for:

  • 1,500 mg of Fabenol Max, a premium grade white bean extract of exceptional purity. White bean extract has been proven to neutralize carbs.
  • 4,500 mg of Super HCA, a standardized form of HCA (hydroxycitric acid), which has been shown to suppress appetite.
  • 450 mg of Super EGCG, a potent green tea extract that has been clinically proven to burn up to 5 percent more calories per day.
  • 200 mcg of ChromeMate, a patented form of chromium that not only burns fat but ensures the weight loss comes from fat, not muscle.

The Easiest Way to Get Started and Lose Weight

If you try any one of these natural weight loss remedies individually, you’ll likely notice a difference. However, if you take all of them together in a synergistic combination, I think you’ll be flat-out amazed by the results.

I personally lost 22 pounds while taking a supplement I formulated based on this available clinical research — weight I had been trying to lose for years. If you are interested in giving this weight loss formula a try, click here.

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Preuss, Harry and Bill Gottlieb. The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy. New York: Broadway Books, 2007.

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